2 replies on “T21 Mom – Episode 4: Mom Life And Special Needs”

  1. Mary you make me laugh and bring tears to my eyes in the same sentence! Your podcasts are like I’m reliving those days with you. Hard to believe we’ve known each other for only a short time because it feels like we’ve known each other forever. Your stories are soon to be my stories since E is a little younger than Ainsley. You are so approachable and I never would have imagined ever meeting you when E was first born and I was desperate for a connection. I saw your posts on fb and photos of Ainsley and learned from the experiences of a stranger. I am so grateful for you.

    1. Janie thank you so much for your kind words. Actually listening to this episode was hard and it made me quite sad for all the things I’ve gone through and the isolation. The isolation is still real, even today, but I know that I always have my tribe!


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