T21Mom – Episode 9: Understanding Occupational Therapy with Hina

T21Mom – Episode 9 : Hina, the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation’s Occupational Therapist joins us for a conversation about how children with Down syndrome can learn to understand and control their body’s movements, and why the term “Occupational” is a bit of a misnomer.

Understanding Sensory Processing  – https://www.spdstar.org/basic/understanding-sensory-processing-disorder

Developmental Progression Pyramid – (the pyramid is included in these presentation notes that can be found on the DSRF website) https://www.dsrf.org/media/Lille%20Ryan%20and%20Hina%20Mahmood%20Increasing%20Independence%20in%20School%20Aged%20Children%20with%20DS%20FINAL.pdf

When to Consult an OT – Document that outlines what types of skills OTs can work on with kids. http://www.dsrf.org/media/When%20to%20consult%20an%20OT.pdf