T21Mom – Episode 12 : Talking Translocation with Jenna

Mary talks with Jenna about a form of Down syndrome called Translocation that can be inherited under certain circumstances. It’s a fascinating and easy to understand look at the genetics of Down syndrome.

5 comments on T21Mom – Episode 12 : Talking Translocation with Jenna

  1. Debbie Davis says:

    Jenna, you did an amazing job explaining the Translocation Kingston has. Please continue to inform everyone that a diagnosis of Downs Syndrome is not the end all diagnosis. You and your family are blessed with the addition of Kingston.

  2. Mary says:

    Thank you so much Debbie! Yes, Jenna did a fantastic job of explaining Kingston’s translocation and it just made so much sense-better than anything I’ve read or come across. It was wonderful to have her on and sharing her experience and how Down syndrome is not scary and how knowing they could have another child with DS, it doesn’t matter!