T21Mom – Episode 21 : The Rockin Mom Retreat

Mary and Ron talk about Mary’s recent trip to Nashville for the Rockin Mom Retreat. Mary talks to a number of the Retreat guests about where they’re from and what they do for self-care.

Head on over to the T21Mom Facebook page for some pics and videos. A word of caution – wine may have been involved.

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2 replies on “T21Mom – Episode 21 : The Rockin Mom Retreat”

  1. I was shocked when I listened to this episode today. The depth of glee and bliss you exude when telling your story are contagious! I was smiling throughout most of the episode. I had giggly goosebumps reliving your five days with you. It felt like last year’s retreat stayed with you and carried you through the entire year. Wow. It is not hard to understand why – the freedom to relax, have fun, talk amongst adults, meet new friends, connect with distant pen pals – worth every moment. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    1. Thank you so much Janie!! (I just saw this comment now, hence my slow reply). The retreat is an amazing, at times emotional but such a reaffirming time! I hope that you can come one year as I know you won’t regret it. Tribe is everything! Xoxo

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