T21Mom – Episode 38 : Lisa Thomas on Daughter Sarah’s Leukemia Treatment

Mary talks with her friend, Lisa about leaving Alaska for Portland, Oregon to get treatment for her daughter Sarah’s Leukemia.

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2 replies on “T21Mom – Episode 38 : Lisa Thomas on Daughter Sarah’s Leukemia Treatment”

  1. I appreciate the parents coming on and telling their story and sharing their children’s situations. It is interesting to learn about how others cope with a diagnosis and, although a little scary knowing that there are so many things that can go wrong with our little ones as they grow up, it is good to be informed and be aware of what troubles may lie ahead so we can watch for signs. Many won’t encounter the extreme issues and my heart goes out to all those papas and mamas who have to hold it together for their families.

    1. Yes, it certainly can be scary, but I think it’s so great to hear from other parents so that we never have to feel we are on our own. Lisa was so brave to share about Sarah. Unfortunately, a few weeks after this episode, beautiful Sarah lost her fight with cancer.

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