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T21Mom – Episode 25: Self Care with Sinead Quinn

Mary talks with Sinead Quinn, a wellness coach who specializes in self-care of Special Needs Moms.

Grateful Wellness

Grateful Wellness For Special Needs Moms Facebook Page

“We Call B.S.” Podcast

T21Mom – Episode 24 : Special Needs Parents & Burnout

In the opening episode of Series 2 Mary and Ron talk about frustration, tears, and how to recognize when you’ve “maxed out” as a special needs parent.

The Christmas Show

Mary and Ron discuss Christmas traditions and how she includes Ainsley in all of them.

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T21Mom – Episode 22 : All About Us

In the last episode of Season 1 Mary and Ron talk about how it all started. From our favourite episodes, where the show might go in Season 2, what we’re doing on the hiatus, and some possible forays into other media streams it’s a broad ranging discussion.
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Down Syndrome Resource Foundation

Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network

Variety, The Children’s Charity

T21Mom – Episode 21 : The Rockin Mom Retreat

Mary and Ron talk about Mary’s recent trip to Nashville for the Rockin Mom Retreat. Mary talks to a number of the Retreat guests about where they’re from and what they do for self-care.

Head on over to the T21Mom Facebook page for some pics and videos. A word of caution – wine may have been involved.

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T21Mom – Episode 20 : Dr. Karen Bopp – The Dual Diagnosis – Down Syndrome & Autism

Mary talks with Dr. Karen Bopp about a dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and Autism, something previously thought impossible. They also talk about therapies, diagnosis methods, and support networks.

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T21Mom – Episode 19 : Building Your Tribe

Mary and Ron discuss the need to build a group of friends and family for emotional support.

T21Mom – Episode 18 : Surviving the IEP – Individualized Education Plan

Mary talks about her experiences with creating an Individualized Education Plan for Ainsley and the struggle of getting the school to play a positive role in the process.

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T21Mom – Episode 17 : Katie Rinald – Potty Training

Mary talks with Katie Rinald of Blackbird Special Education about her approach to intensive potty training.

Blackbird Special Education

Chummie Alarms

T21Mom – Episode 16 : Jen Ghioda – Early Intervention Support Worker

Mary talks with Jen Ghioda, an Early Intervention Support Worker, about her role in finding and securing resources for families of children with DS.