T21Mom Special Presentation – Brian Donovan & Kelly’s Hollywood

Actor, Producer, Director, DS Advocate, and Motivational Speaker Brian Donovan has an in depth conversation with Mary and Ron about his sister Kelly. The conversation roams from Brian & Kelly’s inseparable relationship that he documents in the film “Kelly’s Hollywood”, to his advocacy work, motivational speaking, and growing up in a very special neighbourhood in the ‘60s and ‘70s

Brian Donovan Web  http://www.briandonovan.org/

Kelly’s Hollywood  http://kellyshollywood.com/Welcome.html

Brian Donovan – You Can Change The World   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xj9TkAwc6-0

T21Mom – Episode 13 : Jen Jacob of the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network

Mary talks with Jen Jacob, Founder of the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network, about their work with health care professionals so they better understand Down syndrome, and issues such as the impact of delivering the diagnosis. They also talk about the increasing success of the Rockin’ Mom’s Retreat.


T21Mom – Episode 12 : Talking Translocation with Jenna

Mary talks with Jenna about a form of Down syndrome called Translocation that can be inherited under certain circumstances. It’s a fascinating and easy to understand look at the genetics of Down syndrome.

T21Mom – Episode 11 : Cally Wesson of Variety The Children’s Charity BC

Mary has a wide ranging discussion with Cally Wesson, CEO of British Columbia’s chapter of Variety The Children’s Charity. Cally explains the history of Variety, services that they provide, volunteers, and events they put on, including the annual Show Of Hearts Telethon. Recorded on location at the Variety offices in Burnaby B.C.



T21Mom – Episode 9: Understanding Occupational Therapy with Hina

T21Mom – Episode 9 : Hina, the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation’s Occupational Therapist joins us for a conversation about how children with Down syndrome can learn to understand and control their body’s movements, and why the term “Occupational” is a bit of a misnomer.

Understanding Sensory Processing  – https://www.spdstar.org/basic/understanding-sensory-processing-disorder

Developmental Progression Pyramid – (the pyramid is included in these presentation notes that can be found on the DSRF website) https://www.dsrf.org/media/Lille%20Ryan%20and%20Hina%20Mahmood%20Increasing%20Independence%20in%20School%20Aged%20Children%20with%20DS%20FINAL.pdf

When to Consult an OT – Document that outlines what types of skills OTs can work on with kids. http://www.dsrf.org/media/When%20to%20consult%20an%20OT.pdf

T21Mom – Episode 5 : Interview With Kelci

Mary talks with the amazing Kelci, a mother of eight who’s family chose to adopt another two babies with Down syndrome. Check out her Instagram at BF_BROS.

T21 Mom – Episode 4: Mom Life And Special Needs

Mary talks about life as a single mother of a special needs child. Mary’s experiences as advocate, parent, doctor and therapist make for a lively discussion.

T21 Mom – Episode 3: Run Up For Down Syndrome

Mary chats about the annual Run Up For Down Syndrome event at Swangard Stadium in Burnaby, BC, her fundraising efforts, and the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation.

T21 Mom – Episode 2: Receiving the Diagnosis

Receiving the Diagnosis

Mary talks about her experience receiving Ainsley’s Down syndrome diagnosis through pre-natal testing, and her process of acceptance.

T21 Mom – Episode 1

This is it! The very first episode of T21 Mom! Sit back, relax and meet Mary (and Ron).