T21Mom – Episode 10: Walk Run Swim! Physiotherapist Brenda Horton

Mary talks with Physiotherapist Brenda Horton about how she helped Ainsley, and other children with Down syndrome, learn to walk, run, and swim.

T21Mom – Episode 8 : “Let’s Talk” with Riley

The Down Syndrome Resource Foundation’s Speech Pathologist, Riley, joins Mary for an in depth and wide ranging look at the work required to help kids with Down syndrome learn to communicate.

Here are some of the links mentioned on the show. For more links to studies and tips on speech and communication, please check our Facebook page “T21Mom”.

Apraxia Kids – organization and web resources supporting people with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS): https://www.apraxia-kids.org/

PECS – Picture Exchange Communication System – https://pecs-canada.com/pecs/

Signing Time – https://www.signingtime.com/

Signing Savvy (video dictionary of signs): www.signingsavvy.com

Touch Chat website – website for the AAC program Ainsley currently uses: https://touchchatapp.com/

Down Syndrome Resource Foundation (DSRF) – www.dsrf.org

T21Mom – Episode 7 : Baskets Of Love With Danielle Gibbons

Mary talks with Danielle Gibbons, founder of the non-profit Baskets Of Love. Baskets Of Love delivers baskets full of information and goodies to new parents of babies with Down syndrome. They also talk about the Tea21Moms event.


Baskets Of Love Contact   www.basketsofloveds.com   E-Mail – info@basketsofloveds.com

Instagram – @basketsofloveds    Facebook – Baskets of Love Down Syndrome Support Society

Tea21Moms Contact   www.tea21moms.com   E-Mail – Tea21Moms@gmail.com  Instagram – @tea21moms   Facebook – Tea21Moms

T21 Mom – Episode 6 : Work Life Balance

Mary talks to Ron about the challenges and struggles of life as a single mother of a special needs child. Her labours to find suitable daycare, travelling to and from specialist appointments, finding time for the basics like groceries, and extensive efforts to work with her employer to understand her unique circumstance.