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T21Mom – Episode 49 :Amber Gale

Mary talks with Amber Gale about the “MORE For Caregivers” program.

“MORE For Caregivers” Website https://moreforcaregivers.org/

T21Mom – Episode 48 : Ashley Asti

Mary talks with author Ashley Asti about her book “Up: A Love Letter To The Down Syndrome Community” and her work as Social Media Director at “Brittany’s Baskets of Hope”.

Brittany’s Baskets of Hope https://www.brittanysbasketsofhope.org/

Ashley Asti Web Page https://ashleyasti.com/

Ashley Asti Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ashleyasti/

T21Mom – Episode 47 : A Look Ahead At Season 3

Mary and Ron chat about the past few months and what’s coming up in Season 3 of the T21Mom Podcast.

T21Mom : The 2020 Christmas Show

Mary and Ron chat about a much smaller Christmas for 2020, and what it’s going to look like.

“A Hand For Mrs. Claus” – Idina Menzel feat. Ariana Grande https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWqDwdY0VAg

Andrew Banar – Group Hug Apparel http://grouphugapparel.com/

T21Mom – Episode 45 : Season 2 Finale

Mary and Ron talk about what happened in the podcast’s second season including guests, highlights,  changes brought on by working from separate locations, and a look forward to Season 3.

T21Mom – Episode 44 : Dr. Susan Fawcett on Mental Health

Doctor Susan Fawcett of the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation returns and talks to Mary about the current pandemic situation and the importance of mental health in our kiddos.




T21Mom – Episode 43 : Kim Storey On A Dual Diagnosis And Cooking With Kitty

Mary talks with Kim Storey, mother of 13 year old Kitty, about a dual diagnosis and their YouTube Channel “Cooking With Kitty”.

“Cooking With Kitty” YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO18J3ugq_HJ6pMjeDR37RA

T21Mom – Episode 42 : Mary’s Covid Chronicles Continued

Mary and Ron talk about Mary’s recent experience with Ainsley’s daycare sending her home to isolate because they detected a rise in temperature, and a cough.

T21Mom – Episode 41: Maria Dellapina – Specs4Us

Mary talks vision care with Maria Dellapina of Specs4Us.

Specs4Us https://www.specs4us.com/

College of Optometrists in Vision Development https://www.covd.org/

T21Mom – Episode 40: Mary’s Covid Experience

Mary talks with Ron about her recent experiences after contracting the Covid 19 Virus.