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T21Mom – Episode 33: Schooling At Home with Christine Kasper Wiebe

Mary talks with home schooling advocate and practitioner Christine Kasper Wiebe about tips and insights for parents who now face the prospect of educating their children at home. Welcome...

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T21Mom – Episode 32: Dr. Erica Peirson on DS Kids and Covid 19

Mary and Ron chat about creating their first show from separate locations as they engage in physical distancing. Then Mary talks with Dr. Erica Peirson, of the Peirson Center...

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T21Mom – Episode 31 : John’s Crazy Socks

Mary talks with John and Mark Cronin about John’s online sock business, John’s Crazy Socks. It’s an inspirational and entertaining story about their company’s mission to spread happiness. John’s...

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T21Mom – Episode 30: Reading With Eleanor Stewart

Mary talks with Reading Therapist Eleanor Stewart from the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation about helping special needs kiddos learn to read. Down Syndrome Resource Foundation Videos Reading Rockets DSRF...

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T21Mom – Episode 29 : Sharon Perry – The Rockin’ Ties That Bind

Mary talks with her good friend Sharon, from England, about the Rockin Mom connection that spans oceans. The two met while at the Rockin’ Mom Retreat in Phoenix.

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T21Mom – Episode 28 : Kristy Fuller – Mosaic Down Syndrome

Mary talks with Kristy Fuller about her son, Karver who has mosaic Down syndrome. International Mosaic Down Syndrome Association https://www.imdsa.org/

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