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T21Mom – Episode 53 : Starr Muranko

Mary talks creativity and much more with dancer, choreographer, T21 Mom, and cancer survivor Starr Muranko.  Raven Spirit Dance – Chapter 21 https://ravenspiritdance.com/project/chapter-21/?fbclid=IwAR3ujOcgcrVcvoCxYQVudehlZh50beUEiVfRVQ5ej97kZL3UyInRkaaBfLw Chapter 21 – The Documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-W_81p-z9zg...

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T21Mom – Episode 52 : The Special Olympics

Mary chats with Scott Howe, Health Stakeholder Engagement Consultant for Special Olympics BC, and Susan Wang who is a Special Olympian and Bronze Medal Winner at the 2017 Special...

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T21Mom – Episode 51 : World Down Syndrome Day 2021

Mary and Ron talk about this year’s World Down Syndrome Day, the video love letter Mary has made for Ainsley, and where to find it on our new YouTube...

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T21Mom – Episode 50 : THE BIG 50!

This is the 50th episode of the T21Mom podcast! Mary and Ron take a look at past shows, how we’ve grown, and some former guests check-in. The Low Down...

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T21Mom – Episode 49 :Amber Gale

Mary talks with Amber Gale about the “MORE For Caregivers” program. “MORE For Caregivers” Website https://moreforcaregivers.org/

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T21Mom – Episode 48 : Ashley Asti

Mary talks with author Ashley Asti about her book “Up: A Love Letter To The Down Syndrome Community” and her work as Social Media Director at “Brittany’s Baskets of...

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