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T21Mom – Episode 22 : All About Us

In the last episode of Season 1 Mary and Ron talk about how it all started. From our favourite episodes, where the show might go in Season 2, what...

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T21Mom – Episode 21 : The Rockin Mom Retreat

Mary and Ron talk about Mary’s recent trip to Nashville for the Rockin Mom Retreat. Mary talks to a number of the Retreat guests about where they’re from and...

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T21Mom – Episode 20 : Dr. Karen Bopp – The Dual Diagnosis – Down Syndrome & Autism

Mary talks with Dr. Karen Bopp about a dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and Autism, something previously thought impossible. They also talk about therapies, diagnosis methods, and support networks....

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T21Mom – Episode 19 : Building Your Tribe

Mary and Ron discuss the need to build a group of friends and family for emotional support.

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T21Mom – Episode 18 : Surviving the IEP – Individualized Education Plan

Mary talks about her experiences with creating an Individualized Education Plan for Ainsley and the struggle of getting the school to play a positive role in the process. Link...

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T21Mom – Episode 17 : Katie Rinald – Potty Training

Mary talks with Katie Rinald of Blackbird Special Education about her approach to intensive potty training. Blackbird Special Education   http://blackbirdse.com Katie@blackbirdse.com Chummie Alarms     https://chummiebedwettingalarm.com/

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