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T21Mom – Episode 38 : Lisa Thomas on Daughter Sarah’s Leukemia Treatment

Mary talks with her friend, Lisa about leaving Alaska for Portland, Oregon to get treatment for her daughter Sarah’s Leukemia. Instagram: SuperSarahk https://www.instagram.com/supersarahak/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/storyofSarah/ Be The Match (United...

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T21Mom – Episode 37 : A Conversation With Dennis

Mary talks with her boyfriend, Dennis, about his perspectives on Mary and Ainsley.

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T21Mom – Episode 36 : Coping With Everything – A Personal Look

Mary and Ron talk about the overwhelming personal load on a special needs parent during the current state of affairs.

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T21Mom – Episode 35 : Educational Assistants with Roni Webster

Mary talks with her daughter Ainsley’s Educational Assistant, Roni Webster about the role and function of an EA. This Is Ella by Krista Ewert https://books.friesenpress.com/store/title/119734000043463155/Krista-Ewert-This-Is-Ella We’ll Paint The Octopus...

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T21Mom – Episode 34 : Open Heart Surgery with Frank Bath

Mary talks with her friend Frank Bath about his daughter Ellie’s open heart surgery. It’s a poignant look at the process, and the toll of major surgery on children...

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T21Mom – Episode 33: Schooling At Home with Christine Kasper Wiebe

Mary talks with home schooling advocate and practitioner Christine Kasper Wiebe about tips and insights for parents who now face the prospect of educating their children at home. Welcome...

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