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T21Mom – Episode 12 : Talking Translocation with Jenna

Mary talks with Jenna about a form of Down syndrome called Translocation that can be inherited under certain circumstances. It’s a fascinating and easy to understand look at the...

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T21Mom – Episode 11 : Cally Wesson of Variety The Children’s Charity BC

Mary has a wide ranging discussion with Cally Wesson, CEO of British Columbia’s chapter of Variety The Children’s Charity. Cally explains the history of Variety, services that they provide,...

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T21Mom – Episode 10: Walk Run Swim! Physiotherapist Brenda Horton

Mary talks with Physiotherapist Brenda Horton about how she helped Ainsley, and other children with Down syndrome, learn to walk, run, and swim.

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T21Mom – Episode 9: Understanding Occupational Therapy with Hina

T21Mom – Episode 9 : Hina, the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation’s Occupational Therapist joins us for a conversation about how children with Down syndrome can learn to understand and...

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T21Mom – Episode 8 : “Let’s Talk” with Riley

The Down Syndrome Resource Foundation’s Speech Pathologist, Riley, joins Mary for an in depth and wide ranging look at the work required to help kids with Down syndrome learn...

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T21Mom – Episode 7 : Baskets Of Love With Danielle Gibbons

Mary talks with Danielle Gibbons, founder of the non-profit Baskets Of Love. Baskets Of Love delivers baskets full of information and goodies to new parents of babies with Down...

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